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Our Company

FieldOwler provides auditing and risk management software and solutions to help businesses, organizations, and agencies to...

  1. AVOID COSTS - Avoid costly misclassification determinations by better understanding classification-related risk 
  2. MANAGE RISK - Leverage learnings to take appropriate action and make more informed or corrective decisions
  3. STRENGTHEN COMPLIANCE - Maintain worker classification compliance over the long term to promote business health, success, and sustainability 


FieldOwler's mission is to serve businesses, organizations, and agencies that utilize independent contractors in order to enable them to make informed worker classification decisions and reduce exposure to costly misclassification.



- Respect others always
- Listen to comprehend always
- Encourage openness always
- Maintain independence always
- Build trusted relationships always



FieldOwler approaches every engagement with independence and discretion in order to best serve our clients and earn their trust.

We are mindful of the stressors and challenges - operational, emotional, and financial - that can occur from misclassification determinations, and we work hard to help businesses optimally manage risk and compliance efforts. 

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