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FieldOwler ARM

FieldOwler ARM is a "full-service" Audit and Risk Management platform built for businesses, organizations, and agencies of all sizes to be more informed about the classification and utilization of its independent contractors.

Worker Database

Underlying worker database

Worker data is captured, stored, and maintained

Secure, hosted environment

Risk Assessment

Rules-based engine

Multi-factor assessments

Multiple risk perspectives throughout the 50 states


Independent Auditing

Comprehensive discovery process

Detailed, individual view of contracted workers' services

Nuances of specific relationships

Financial Exposure

Risk levels converted into financial exposure estimates

Go-forward recommendations for heightened risk management and enhanced compliance

FieldOwler ARM-IPR

FieldOwler ARM-IPR is a "self-service" worker classification risk assessment tool built for Owners and professionals in Human Resources and Compliance disciplines in businesses, organizations, and agencies of all sizes.


Risk assessment tool that can be accessed via online authentication for maximum speed and convenience.


Assessment that provides a high-level cross-section of a select number of risk categories and topics.

Hosted Solution

Software as a Service solution that scales as your needs for independent contractors change.


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