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to worker classification compliance

FieldOwler combines powerful risk management software with deep expertise to enable businesses utilizing independent contractors to make more holistic and informed worker classification decisions.

FieldOwler ARM

FieldOwler's Audit and Risk Management (ARM) Platform


The foundation of FieldOwler's agile and scalable platform is an underlying worker database where current and historical worker data are captured, stored, and maintained in a secure, hosted environment.


A comprehensive discovery process provides a detailed, individual view of contracted workers' services and illuminates the nuances of the specific relationships with those on the receiving end of the services.


A rules-based engine and multi-factor assessment process enables FieldOwler to assess and score individual worker misclassification risk levels via multiple risk perspectives and throughout the 50 states.


Worker misclassification risk levels are converted into financial exposure estimates and are accompanied by go-forward recommendations for enhanced compliance and heightened risk management capabilities.

Worker Classification is Not a Game

Worker classification compliance is important because it is the law. Businesses that classify employees as independent contractors - knowingly or unknowingly - are not only out of compliance with labor law, but are engaged in a high-stakes game of financial and operational roulette. FieldOwler was developed to support businesses and enable them to be informed in order to make the best classification decisions possible to stay ahead in the marketplace.

In the event independent contractors are determined to be employees by a government agency or in the courtroom, businesses can face significant costs due to back pay that may be owed to employees, associated back taxes, interest, and any imposed penalties. In fact, the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor uncovered $1.2 billion in back wages during the past five years. Don't get checkmated...FieldOwler enables businesses to make informed and holistic worker classification decisions.

Key differences in working with FieldOwler:
* We are an independent, discreet, and trusted resource;
* We are a valued partner to legal, tax, and investment communities; and
* We combine business savvy with effective technology to enable your business to be informed and stay ahead.


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